Aerial view of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University campus.

Welcome to the Office of Equal Opportunity

Our Mission

    In support of the Cal Poly mission, the Equal Opportunity staff are committed to promoting a culture that values individual and organizational integrity, civility, and diversity. We provide a fundamentally fair and compassionate adjudication process for the campus community consistent with applicable California State University (CSU) systemwide Executive Orders

    • Ensure University adherence to CSU Systemwide Executive Orders 1095, 1096 (revised), 1097 (revised), 1111, 1115, and 1116.
    • Document and appropriately respond to all reports of discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, retaliation and whistleblower retaliation.
    • As appropriate, conduct fair, impartial and through investigations and, where appropriate, recommend sanctions for students and employees found in violation of the above-referenced Executive Orders.
    • Ensure completion of student training regarding behavior expectations under EO 1095, 1096 and 1097.
    • Ensure completion of AB1825 (employee) Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
    • Facilitate Conflict of Interest training & filing of the annual Form 700
    • Provide training for Employment Equity Facilitators (EEFs)


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