Conflict of Interest

The California Political Reform Act of 1974 requires the University to adopt and communicate Conflict of Interest (COI) codes. In addition the code requires employees in designated positions to file a Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700) annually with the Office of Equal Opportunity, and complete Ethics Training within 6 months of assuming office and every two years thereafter.The Office of Equal Opportunity administers this process on behalf of Cal Poly.The current Statement of Economic Interest Forms and Instruction can be accessed below.

Annual Filing Documents

Assuming and Leaving COI Position

When an employee assumes a Fair Political Practices Commission(FPPC) designated Conflict of Interest (COI) position, they must complete and file an "Assuming Office" Form 700. When an employee transfers, resigns or retires from their designated position they must complete and file a "Leaving Office" Form 700 with the Office of Equal Opportunity.

Gifts and Ticket/Admissions to Agency

In addition to the administration of the annual filing of Statement of Economic Interest forms by designated positions, the University is required to report Gifts and Tickets/Admissions to Events given to the agency. To access the memorandum outlining the process to administer Gifts to Agency, applicable forms and instruction, as well as forms filed on behalf of the University for gifts received, click on the preceding title "Gifts and Ticket/Admissions to Agency."

Additional Resources and Links:

Conflict of Interest Handbook

The California State University Office of General Counsel has issued a Conflict of Interest (COI) Handbook for CSU employees to provide guidance to employees in both designated and undesignated positions. The handbook can be accessed at OGC CSU Conflict of Interest Handbook (PDF).


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