Disability Accommodation Assistance Program

The Cal Poly Disability Accommodation Assistance Program (DAAP) provides funding assistance for Cal Poly employees that qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are a person with a disability and are in need of accommodation(s) from the University in order to perform your work duties, consult with your supervisor about how to obtain these accommodations. You may also inquire by calling the Employment Equity Office at 756-6770.

Program Guidelines:

Resource Availability:

  • Intended for current employees as well as for job applicants with a University employment offer.
  • Limited to assistive devices, auxiliary assistance, adaptive equipment, adaptive computer components and software that are required for the performance of job-related activities.
  • Includes any necessary supplies, services, or rental fees for required equipment.
  • Does not cover the following:
    • personal use items (such as canes, hearing aids, glasses)
    • standard office equipment (such as computers, chairs, desks, office machines)
    • medical or engineering evaluations to determine appropriate accommodations.


  • Any equipment purchased for the accommodation of an employee remains the property of the University.
  • Equipment may continue to be used as long as it is needed regardless of promotion, transfers, or assignment of new job duties. Funds may be available to cover the cost of moving equipment in these cases.

Requesting Assistance:

  • All requests are processed through Employment Equity. Established participants whose needs have changed may reapply.
  • Verification of disability by a health care or rehabilitation professional is required on all original requests.
  • Any request for auxiliary assistance must indicate the requested accommodation and the projected costs associated.
  • Disability Accomodation Assistance Program Funding Assistance Request Form (doc)

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