Employment Equity Facilitator (EEF)

Through the participation of the Employment Equity Facilitators (EEFs) in each recruitment search, the University ensures that equal employment opportunities exist for all applicants. This includes oversight of the recruitment process by the participating EEF. A key EEF responsibility (pdf) role is to assure that recruitment committee members become familiar with the State of California Pre-Employment Inquiry Guidelines (pdf), and that these guidelines are followed with regard to questions asked of applicants. EEFs also view applicants in Cal Poly Jobs. At the end of each recruitment, the EEF submits a written report (doc) regarding the search to the Director of Equal Opportunity to ensure that any problems that may have compromised the fairness of the search are reported.

Documents utilized in the Employment Equity Facilitator (EEF) workshop are listed below:

Any Cal Poly employee wishing to serve as an EEF must take the appropriate training through the Office of Equal Opportunity.  Workshops are offered several times a year.  In addition to the Director of Equal Opportunity, representatives from Academic Personnel and Human Resources participate in the training to answer questions and comment on Faculty and Staff recruitments. 


Active List of EEFs as of the Most Recent EEF Workshop

Upcoming EEF Workshops

  • TBD

All workshops are held in Fisher Science Building 33, Suite 290.

Individuals interested in attending an EEF workshop can contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at 756-7387 or equalopportunity@calpoly.edu.  Departments wishing to select an EEF for a recruitment may click on the link above to access a current list of facilitators.

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