Title IX


In November 2018, the U.S. Department of Education issued a proposal to amend the regulations implementing Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. The proposed regulations focused on sexual harassment (including sexual assault) and were intended to replace prior guidance issued by the Federal Government.
The Federal Title IX Rules have now been released and may be viewed via the Department of Education website.
The Office of Equal Opportunity is available to answer questions and discuss concerns that our campus community may have. We continue to offer full service to students, faculty, and staff, remotely and by appointment, through Zoom videoconferencing and/or telephone. Please contact us at (805) 756-6770 or at equalopportunity@calpoly.edu for support, scheduling, or to report a concern.

Are you a victim of sexual misconduct or harassment?

Welcome to Cal Poly's Office of Equal Opportunity Title IX page, the sexual misconduct awareness resource for students, employees, and campus visitors. Here you will find the information, tools and means to keep your learning and work environment safe and enjoyable. We are committed to ensuring a safe setting for our campus community.

Sexual misconduct is a serious offense that violates fundamental rights and personal dignity. We offer numerous support and reporting options for victims of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. Even if you are not a victim, you can help by reporting such incidents.

The Title IX Coordinator is a management employee with delegated authority from the President to receive and coordinate responses to sexual harassment/misconduct reports. For members of the Cal Poly community (students, faculty, staff, third parties and visitors) the Title IX Coordinator is Maren Hufton, Director of Equal Opportunity or her designee. Maren may be contacted at 805-756-6770 or equalopportunity@calpoly.edu.

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